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Our Story

With a shared passion for the ocean, Kirsten and Gavin have more than 35 years of combined experience in the yachting industry. Gavin has been captaining for over 20 years on sailing and motor yachts up to 50 metres and Kirsten spent her yachting career on 25m to 100m + super yachts, before switching to shoreside management and crew placement. They’ve decided to share their wealth of knowledge by launching Yacht Savvy to assist and support yacht owners and their crew.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptionally high standards of service to all Yacht Savvy customers. Our years of yachting experience has given us an invaluable insight into what great service is, both above and below decks, on and off shore. We divide our time between Mallorca and being on board our own Outremer performance catamaran. We are extremely passionate about what we do and love to share our yachting know-how with other owners, taking the hassle out of yacht ownership, and helping them enjoy stress-free experiences wherever possible. We take care of every aspect of ownership, from management and consultancy to crew placement, all to make you feel confident that you’re in safe hands, so you can enjoy your time onboard and experience the lifestyle you desire.

The Yacht Savvy Crew


Owners Kirsten & Gavin bring their passion for yachting and great service into every aspect of Yacht Savvy. They’re the perfect team to advise, guide and inspire new or existing yacht owners on their journey to happy, stress-free ownership.




Unlimited or one off crew placement to suit your needs.
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A trusted and reliable partner for yacht owners.
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A trusted and reliable partner for yacht owners.
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Meet our clients

After owning a vessel for a while, our clients recognise the value of having someone who’s been there, knows the hazards, and can make the most of yacht ownership, without the hassle.

ANDREAS SCHWERLA / Alandi, Sunreef 60

FRANK MOSHER / HM1, San Lorenzo SX112

KLAUS RADER / White Star, San Lorenzo SD88


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We are a yacht & crew management, that specialises in providing a personalised, professional, friendly service for yachts up to 120 feet.

Gavin & Kirsten have successfully placed crew for me. Gavin´s knowledge of all things related to yacht ownership has proved to be invaluable. His continued support is essential, giving me confidence and encouragement as a new yacht owner.

Andreas Schwerla

Andreas Schwerla

Alandi, Sunreef 60

When it comes to organisation and professionalism, these guys are second to none. When I step aboard my boat, I want to switch to holiday mode. Having Gavin take care of everything, while I enjoy spending time with my family and friends is exactly what I need, giving me the chance to completely switch off.

Frank Mosher

Frank Mosher

HM1, San Lorenzo SX112

Working with Gavin and Kirsten is always a pleasure. It’s a great, secure feeling to know that with their combined knowledge, everything is taken care of. Having someone designated to manage the crew and operations is exactly what we need, so we can enjoy every moment onboard.

Klaus Rader

Klaus Rader

White Star, San Lorenzo SD88